April 17, 2020 /

Outdoor Editorial Engagement Shoot


I loved collaborating with Carly and Josh. We took our time getting together ideas of how they wanted their wedding journey to flow.

As we planned their engagement shoot it became obvious that they were both avid outdoor lovers and enjoyed being outside.

They were the ones who originally suggested shooting at the Wekiva Springs State Park.

After scouting the location, I agreed that it was not only beautiful and ideal for their style but also incredibly meaningful to them as they spent a lot of time there in their day to day lives.

My input was the wardrobe and time of the day when we shot. We wanted a lot of great afternoon light as I had a vision of sun rays filtering through the trees.  I felt it was important for them to be comfortable but at the same time stand out from the background  – hence the abundance of casual white clothing.

I think the most amazing part about working with these two was how we all got wrapped up in the project, in the end they got in the water – as did I – shooting them with my camera lens only inches from the surface of the water. It was very cinematic in a way and it’s a great example of how films will influence the way I shoot sometimes. This shoot reminds me of the movie Dirty Dancing.

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