April 30, 2020 /

Destination Wedding in Baja


I love shooting destination weddings. I feel they are ideal when a couple wants to create a very intimate memory with (usually) just immediate family and closest friends. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to be brought along a few of those adventures.

Mexico is probably my favorite travel wedding destination. As my country of origin, I love to take part in sharing the richness of the culture, scenery, food and of course Mexican hospitality. Nicole and Wes wanted a very intimate beach wedding, without being “beachy”.

The One&Only Palmilla Resort in Los Cabos is nothing short of breathtaking. While it does have a beach, to me the best feature is the rocky areas overlooking the ocean. Because of where it sits geographically, you can get both amazing morning shots overlooking the water (which we did) or beautiful sunset photos  – also by the water.

I love this set of photos because they really speak to the peace and serenity that we all felt that day.

We did two sets of shoots aside from their wedding and reception. One was a sunset shoot and the other was a sunrise shoot. These were casual in the context itself, and Nicole and Wes both chose clothes that suited the mood without going in traditional wedding attire which was just fine.

While places like these usually have plenty of English-speaking staff my ability to speak Spanish and some French and Italian have helped tremendously in the past – in this case I was able to facilitate some travel arrangements for two of Nicole’s bridesmaids who wanted to set up some excursions for the group during their stay.

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